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Enriching the lives of young ones within the U.S. through education, mentorship, and recreation.




                                                 COOKING COMPETITION

High School students in the Food for Success Program participate in a cooking competition.  Students work in small groups to create, name, and prepare race-themed meals. All meals must be healthy and students must compute the nutritional information for each meal.  Meals are judged on taste, presentation, and overall creativity.  Students are exposed to culinary, catering, and hospitality career opportunities.  Students also learn safe food handling skills, food preparation, and marketing.  Character education, community service, and global awareness of food handling and preparation concerns are also part of the high school Food For Success Program.  California State Standards for Career Technical Education that are incorporated into the program include: 

Career Pathway- Food Service and Hospitality-

Foundation Standards addressed as part of the Food For Success Program include: 

Career Planning and Management

      • Develop a career plan that is designed to reflect career interests, and secondary option Technology. 
Health and Safety
      1. Students understand world-wide health and safety policies, procedures, regulations, and practices. 
      2. Responsibility and Flexibility 
      3. Understand the importance of accountability and responsibility in fulfilling personal, community, and workplace roles. 
      4. Understand that individual actions can affect the larger community.
      5. Ethics and Legal Responsibilities
      6. Leadership and Teamwork 
      7. Understand the characteristics and benefits of teamwork, leadership, and citizenship in the school, community, and workplace settings. 

Technical Knowledge and Skills 
        1. Understand the basic principles of food safety and sanitation and the proper techniques for preparing and serving food.
        2. Understand the principles of food purchasing, food preparation, and meal management in a variety of settings. 
        3. Understand the aspects of science related to food preparation, product development, and nutrition.
        4. Understand food production, processing, and distribution methods and the relationship of those techniques to consumer food supply and nutrition.
        5. Demonstration and Application.

Pathway Standards addressed as part of the Fuel For Success Program include:

      • Students understand major aspects of the food service and hospitality industry and the role of the industry in local, state, national, and global economies.
      • Students understand the basics of safe work habits, security, and emergency procedures required in food service and hospitality establishments.
      • Students understand the basic principles of sanitation and safe food handling.
      • Understand safe and sanitary procedures in all food handling, including food receiving, storage, production, service, and cleanup. 
      • Prepare food by using the correct techniques and procedures specified in recipes and formulas. 
      • Use plating techniques, including accurate portioning and aesthetic presentation skills. 
      • Students understand and apply basic nutritional concepts in meal planning and food preparation.
      • Understand the process for creating nutritious, creative, and profitable menus in accord with availability and demand.